Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ryan Adams and Phil Lesh to Tour?

Having witnessed Ryan Adams performing as a member of Lesh's rotating cast of Friends for two nights in Colorado a couple years ago, I would be very excited to have a chance to see these two talents paired up again. Reaction to their 2005 collaboration in Denver that summer was, to put it lightly, mixed. But I felt that Adams brought an exciting, fresh, young element, to an otherwise elder group of musicians.

Blogger, the music slut reports:

The folks over at Ryan fansite, To Be Young, are speculating on a joint tour between Ryan and former Grateful Dead bassist, Phil Lesh, sometime in the middle of the year. It wouldn't be the first time that these two worked together; the rumor may just have some truth to it. Phil said the following about Ryan Adams to another Ryan fansite, Answering Bell, just last year:
I love playing with Ryan because he’s fearless; because he doesn’t have to do anything the same way twice; because every idea he throws out in a jam is a little gem that cries out “polish me”; because he has about nine hundred voices that he can use like a Bene Gesserit; because of his huge heart and enormous talent. I like it that we deconstruct the songs so that verses are transposed,or the bridge comes in early, or the jam leads back to a verse instead of a chorus. I like it that we have to be on our tippy-tippy toes to make the acute left turns and abrupt changes that Ryan likes to spring on us. I like to spring those kind of changes too- what do you think I’m doing when I talk into my mike and you can’t hear me? I love playing with Ryan because he takes me back to when the Grateful Dead were young, fearless, crazy and didn’t give a shit about what other people thought we should do. If what you desire is the perfect rendition,there are many excellent bands that perform Grateful Dead songs- but I have never been about perfection and never will be. I do promise that I will always do my best to follow my weird. I hope you will join me, but I do understand if your path takes you elsewhere. I will also say with no hesitation that Jerry would have loved Ryan and his fearless interpretations of his songs. It’s funny, but I feel Jerry close to me whenever I am around Ryan. — Phil Lesh (January 2006)

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