Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Under The Covers

This is an excellent list that I've found of the Top Ten Cover Songs. I'm sure they would have included Phish's cover of Terrapin Station from Virginia Beach '98 if this was a list of the Top 11. What would you add or take away from it?

Also included on the site was the Ten Worst Cover Songs. And I don't think I can improve on this one either:


Anonymous said...

i would argue that the best cover of good morning little school girl isn't by ten years after, but performed by the grateful dead and sung by ron "pigpen" mckernan

Anonymous said...

The worst cover ever performed is hands down "Wish You Were Here" performed by Limp Bizkit and John Rzeznick for America: A Tribute To Heros - A close second is anything performed on American Idol by Sanjay Malakhar

D.S.-- Weightstaff said...

Agreed. ANY SONG covered by Limp Bizkit or Durst belongs on this list.